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It's Time....

Search Engine Optimization seems to be the real "buzz" word on the Internet in the past couple years. It is a very key element in the building of your new website that will keep your business on top of your competition and in front of new customers while they are searching the web for your products or services. As part of the website design process we will optimize your new website for "natural search" which means that we will help you load as many key search words into your site as possible. The search engines like Google are becoming more and more sophisticated as the months go by and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find your site on page 1 or 2 of any given search.

These same search engines are going to start charging to even be located on their maps for your local area, some of them already do. Very soon it is going to be that you have to set aside a substantial monthly budget just to advertise so that you get strategic placement on these search engines at all. Orange Cloud Creative will help you find a paid advertising solution for your business that can give you the sales advantage that your business deserves.